CFA Professor Brainteasers

The best way to prepare yourself for the CFA Exam AFTER studying all the materials is practice questions. The CFA Institute provides you with a selection of Topic Tests and Mock Exams. Furthermore, if you shell out some $$$, you can buy practice tests. However, all those multiple choice questions may become a bit dreary. Enter our CFA Professor Brainteasers!

Why Brainteasers?


  • Require you to show a DEEP understanding of course materials. Not just memorization of formulas.
  • Help you think logically using the CFA Curriculum materials.
  • Leads to an enhanced understanding of the subject because of the level of thinking involved.
  • Are NOT just more multiple choice questions, giving you a breath of fresh air from all that “A, B or C?”-ing.
  • Essay-style questions ask you to argue or prove, like in a professional environment.

List of CFA Professor Brainteasers (“CPB”)

  1. What’s the Price?
  2. Equity vs. Enterprise Value
  3. Leveraged Buyout (LBO)