We set out a mission to help people like you tackle the CFA Program. The Exams are notoriously tough, but with solid preparation, you too will be able to crush them! We will share best practices, give you hints and tips, and provide you with brainteasers to challenge yourself.

preparation and consistency are key

Easier said than done, but preparation and consistency are the keys to success in the CFA Program. Preparation is so important because it can actually reduce the time you need to prepare to pass. Once your preparation is in place, prepare CONSISTENTLY. It may feel like a grind, but the grind will feel better if you get it right, FROM THE START.

There are so many myths about the CFA Program flying around the internet:

  • “You need to have studied finance to stand a chance” FALSE
  • “A lot of the things are only applicable in investing” FALSE
  • “It teaches you only specific topics in finance” FALSE
  • “Ethics is just using common sense” FALSE
  • “You can only pass by reading all the official books” FALSE

We will deal with all these myths, and more, in future posts. The problem is that the CFA Institute is notoriously secretive about its program and doesn’t allow charterholders to discuss the specifics of the exams.

We will also provide you with powerful BRAINTEASERS that consist of multi-step problems.  These require you to really master the topics tested in the exams.

Let’s do this together.


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